100% Plant Based Cosmetics.

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From Earth To You.



UKs First Organic Cosmetic Business providing 100% plant based products for the health conscious human.

Specially formulated for all hair and skin types , all of our products are blended using the highest quality ingredients sourced from nature. 

                                                                   From Earth To You.

Created from plant/seed butters, seed & fruit extracts. All our blends are produced using our knowledge of plant & extract health properties and with love and care .

At MANAYA Cosmetics we are passionate and dedicated to creating truely natural products free of toxins chemicals & animal testing. Real products that work for real people.

...all the products have worked well. My nails have strengthened and look good. My face is glowing, I am no longer fatigue and my eyelashes have naturally grown.

Leanna Mai
Hair & Skincare Lover

About Us

MANAYA cosmetics specializes in natural plant based products that enrich your Skin, Hair & Health. 

Owner Kaya Stewart launched Manaya Cosmetics with her daughter Mya, with the goal to redefine what it means to provide truly natural plant based products that heal & benefit people. Free from parabens & unsafe chemical preservatives. 

100% Vegan. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable & our jars/bottles are cosmetic grade glass. 

In 2020, more than 90% of hair & skin products contain fillers, (used to bulk out products) whilst some are safe & are mainly used as a preservative, a lot of these additives are extremely harmful to our bodies & do very little to benefit the hair  &/or skin.

Additives, preservatives, alcohols, parabens, silicone & synthetic fragrances all help to make products "feel" like they are hydrating the skin. However the effects can be both brief and superficial (external) even damaging at times .

It was important that Manaya Cosmetics provide products that benefit & nourish people. Products people can trust containing safe simple ingredients! 


We are more than just hair & skin our focus is ultimate health for us all. Our customers trust us to provide truly natural products. 

Check the About section at the bottom of our page for skincare & healthy food recipes.

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                From Earth to you !

Using high quality ingredients sourced from various parts of the world. 

Products available now are currently sourced from the following places:

(Africa, India, England, North America & Polynesian Islands.)

All ingredients are sourced using companies that abide to Fair Trade standards.

Formulated using expert ingredient knowledge of plant properties & their health benefits. 


UK Based.

Natural Hair, Skin & Health Products.