100% Plant Based Products To Assist You On Your Healing Journey. 


22ND MAY 2024 UNTIL 3RD JUNE 2024

Please accept our apologies for any inconvience.

Love Blessings Health & Wealth In Abundunce



The UKs First Holistic Cosmetic Business that provides truly natural, 100% plant based products for the health conscious human.

Created for all hair and skin types , all of our products are blended using the highest quality ingredients sourced from nature. 

All products have been presented to you from a combination of African, Ayuverdic & Chinese Medicine. Healing Health Holistically through Mind Body & Spiritual Healing  

From Earth To You.

You can TRUST that all of our blends are created using plant/seed butters, herbs, seed oils & fruit extracts. Infused with our knowledge of plant properties & health benefits.

Sent to you on the highest frequency on HEALING & LOVE.

At MANAYA Cosmetics we are passionate and dedicated to staying free of toxins, harmful chemicals (not all are) & animal testing. Real products that work for real people. 

...all the products have worked well. My nails have strengthened and look good. My face is glowing, I am no longer fatigue and my eyelashes have naturally grown.

Herbal Tea Lover
OCT 2020

Iron Fluroine is such a good product. It’s gonna get me through the dark days of autumn. Gives you the boost right away and you only use it when you need it 👏👏👏

Sweetpeas and sunshine
SEPT 2022

By the way my daughters and I are loving the Rosehip oil serum !! My twin daughters were suffering from breakouts and since using your serum their skin has been super healthy, glowing and zero breakouts, like none at all. We will definitely be breaking-ordering as we are all quickly running out! Brilliant product, can’t say enough about it!! Thankyou 💕💕

Oya luxe

Just had my first cup of tea this morning and it was straight fire. I felt an instant charge of energy. i take herbs every day and this was a instant effect. The taste was good as well. Will definitely make sure i always have this tea.


About Us

Mind, Body & Spirit. Food, Water & Sunlight. Movement, Breathwork & Prayer.

Manaya Cosmetics is a UK based, black owned mother and daughter business. It was created with the goal to redefine what it means to support peoples health and wellbeing by sharing the crucial knowledge about our health that is not taught at school & provide plant based products that benefit, nourish & empower people to HEAL THEMSELVES. Free from parabens, additives & unsafe chemicals.

100% Vegan. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable & our jars/bottles are cosmetic grade glass. 

In 2020, more than 90% of hair & skin products contain fillers, (used to bulk out products) whilst some are safe & are mainly used as a preservative, a lot of these chemicals are extremely harmful to our bodies systems & do very little to benefit the hair & skin. The health risks are never transparent with products within the Health , Food, Beauty , Pharmaceutical Cleaning Supplies & Cosmetic industries as its about profits.

Heavy metals, toxins, Chemicals, Additives, preservatives, alcohols, synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicone & synthetic health supplements  make products "feel" or "sound"  like they are doing what it says on the label. However, the benefits are both brief and superficial.

Exposure to these toxins cause an array of health implications both internal & externally. At best it is slowly poisoning us and at worst its lethal.


We are more than just hair & skin we are cultivating optimum health for us all. Our customers trust us to provide truly natural products & as a family owned business we use all of the products we provide ourselves. 

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Using the highest quality ingredients sourced from various parts of the world. 

Products available now are currently sourced from the following places:

(Morocco, Lesotho (SA), Ghana, Chad, Ethiopia, Brazil, Jamaica, India, England, North America & Polynesian Islands.)

Formulated using expert ingredient knowledge of plant properties & their health benefits. 

Blessings, Love & Vitality.


UK Based.

Natural Hair, Skin & Health Products.